SASSM – MESSM Webinar on Sexual Dysfunction • 1.30 PM GMT | 7.00 PM IST

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SASSM & MESSM, affiliates of ISSM are joining together to bring a well drafted program on Sexual Dysfunction in Men & Women.

For this program we have speakers from India, Bangladesh, Egypt, Makkah, Riyadh & UK.
The Program Schedule
Date: 5th March 2021
Time: 1.30 PM GMT • 7.00 PM
Total duration 2 hrs
15 min each presentation, total 6 presentations (3 each from SASSM and MESSM)
30 min discussion
Moderators from SASSM
Dr Gajanan Bhat and Dr Mohammed Shamsul Ahsan
Moderators from MESSM
Dr Amr Gadalla and Dr Hayat Alharthy
Co ordination with Docplexus: Dr Natesh Prabhu
1. Dr Vineet Malhotra – Masturbatory guilt, length and girth issues
2. Dr Bishurul Hafi – Dhat Syndrome
3. Dr Polash Roy – Unconsummated marriages
4. Dr Islam Fathy – Management of ED in a single sexually naive men
5. Dr Abdulaziz Baazeem – Challenges of practicing Sexual Medicine in the Middle East
6. Dr Wafaa Eltantawy – FGM, a major cause of orgasmic dysfunction in women
The webinar shall have an introductory talk of 5 min each from presidents of SASSM and MESSM respectively
Participants Registration Link (Live Broadcast):
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